Spa Services

Quick Body Massages Amount in Rupees

All oils used in these massages are 100% pure base and essential oils. These are blended together to oil relaxation and promote health.


30 minutes


* Foot


* Hand


* Face and Neck


* Upper Back & Shoulders


* Full Back


* Hot Stone Foot


* Hot Stone Hand


* Hot Stone Full Back

Intensive Hand & Foot Treatment 2500

A deeply relaxing and calming treatment aimed to moisturise and treat dry hands and feet. Experience the pleasure of an exfoliating scrub, tightening mask and relaxing massage to pamper, soften and beautify both hands and feet.

Massages- Full Body  

Schehrazade Spa offers massages using 100% pure base and essential oils. Each blend offered has a base oil of pure Almond, Grapeseed or Jojoba Oils. Essential oils are added to provide relief from a range of problems from stress and fatigue to aches and pains. The oils work their magic allowing the client to relax and benefit from the medicinal properties of the essential oils. All Schehrazade oils are imported directly from farms in Europe and Australia and blended in house thereby ensuring the purity of the oils. These treatments should be preceded by a steam room experience.

Aromatherapy 2800

All Schehrazade aromatherapy blends are made in-house using 100% pure base and essential oils. These oils have specific functions and have a deep impact on the body and all its systems. They promote a deep sense of relaxation and have medicinal properties which help in aiding the body in working in optimum condition. These oils work to induce health in mind, body and soul.

Schehrazade Royal Massage 4200

A not to be missed heavenly treatment with an exclusive rich blend designed to pamper every inch of skin. This blend incorporates Evening Primrose and Vitamin E oils to boost and improve elasticity of the skin. A truly Female Oil designed to enhance and enrich the senses. Essential Oils of Rose, Sandalwood and Jasmine are added to make this massage a truly royal and sensuous Experience! Appointment is required as oil is blended per client use.

Additional Hot Stone 1000

Add the beneficial properties of volcanic hot stones to your massage to increase a sense of deep relaxation and well being.

Scrubs & Moroccan Bath Amount in Rupees

Enjoy our natural and scented scrubs and wash off tiredness and stress under our rain-showers. A truly decadent treatment aimed to promote a healthy, glowing complexion and rejuvenate mind, body and soul. All our scrubs are blended with individual essential oils. This treatment can be used in conjunction with a massage treatment afterwards.




* Starting from


* Add Hot Stone

Steam & Bukhoor Amount in Rupees

* Steam


Refresh the entire body by starting any treatment with a visit to the Steam Room. Steam prepares the body to readily accept any form of body treatment by gently opening pores hence allowing essential oils to easily enter the blood stream. Steam is especially recommended before Aromatherapy Massage.

Bukhoor 600

Bukhoor is an ancient Arabic form of perfuming still used all over the Middle East. It is an eastern scent with undertones of sandalwood, oil and frankincense. A Bukhoor treatment includes a slight perfuming of the hair and a few minutes spent in the Bukhoor Chamber enveloped by the magical scent of Bukhoor. This treatment should be ideally the last treatment of either scrub or massage to complete the Schehrazade Effect.